FINALTA CAPITAL dedicates a $50M tax credit and government grant financing fund for Adrenalys member companies with unique terms. The fund provides enhanced, non-dilutive liquidity based on past tax credits and, more importantly, on accrued tax credits with instalments made throughout a year not yet completed, even BEFORE spending of budgeted eligible expenditures.

These distinctive terms, otherwise unavailable from any other financial institution, alleviate the liquidity pressure of intense innovation and productivity initiatives and free the line of credit to drive technologies to market faster and propel companies to the next level in their development.

Members can expect:

  • Funding of up to 100% of past and accrued refundable tax credits

  • ¼ of annual loan disbursed in advance on the first day of each quarter BEFORE spending of budgeted eligible expenditures

  • A simplified approach and documentation normally allow for a financial close in some 15 business days

  • Institutional rates, size- and risk-adjusted

  • Legal fees waived

  • FINALTA CAPITAL also offers Adrenalys members a free strategic planning consultation on budgeting for futur tax credits and grants as well as on risk management

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FINALTA CAPITAL is proud to partner with Adrenalys: an acceleration program with a difference. Managed by Quebec’s top business advisors, Adrenalys aims to propel SMEs with strong growth potential to the next level through a combination of professional, banking and financial services.

Participating companies are part of an outstanding group consisting of over 25 Quebec firms. From consulting and investment to coaching and financing, Adrenalys and its partners are committed to providing an integrated approach to service delivery that’s like no other in Québec. Included are pro bono services worth $4.5 million, $200 million in dedicated funds, a focus on innovation and commercialization, and an executive peer advisory council where trends and issues can be discussed in complete confidentiality

Adrenalys’s partners: Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Proaction International, National Bank, Fasken, EDC, Talsom, Ascendis, Bleublancrouge and FINALTA CAPITAL.

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Companies participating in the Adrenalys acceleration program can get their technologies to market faster thanks to tailored financing. Operating in various economic sectors, eligible companies are at different stages of growth and have decided to accelerate their growth through innovation.

Adrenalys members eligible for FINALTA CAPITAL financing:

  • Have been in business for at least five years

  • Generate annual revenues in excess of $10 million

  • Maintain a decision centre or conduct their main activities in Quebec and / or at have least 51% of company shares owned by Quebec interests

  • Claim at least $500,000 annually in refundable tax credits or government grants.

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