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"FINALTA is simplicity and speed, which is most important. With FINALTA, R&D has zero negative impact on cash flow and you don’t need to repeat the process each year. I’m also more productive and focused on good management and increasing our company’s financial strength, rather than spending time preparing reports for other lenders and I preserve the margining availability with my bank to finance our operations".
Bruno Laliberté, CFO, Hortau Inc.
"FINALTA offers a working method that generates more cash, more quickly. You get the loan disbursements before paying for your expenses rather than after. It’s speed of execution and simplicity of process. FINALTA also offers a highly skilled team of technological advisors".
Paul Martineau, Vice-President, Finance, AXON Integration and Development Inc.
"With FINALTA, the upfront legal process was straightforward and allowed us to complete our transaction quickly and easily. FINALTA’s team of experts have extensive SR&ED knowledge which, along with offering funding throughout the year at the beginning of each quarter, is a huge benefit in our fast growing technology environment".
Martin Lyster, COO and Co-Founder, MediaMiser Ltd.
"We wanted to gain some time before pursuing a new round of funding to see how sales were developing. We did not fit within the banking model and the last time we financed our SR&ED tax credits through a venture debt fund, the costs were exorbitant. The professionals at Finalta want to talk to you and understand your business model. Their financing offer is very simple, there is only an interest charge and no fees whatsoever which makes it very easy to submit to the Board of Directors. We did not need to incur typical legal costs and there are not 4 or 5 levels of approval all of which shortens the time required to access capital. What is extraordinary is that they are the only ones who will make disbursements in advance for work that has not yet been done, which completes a financing offer that as a whole is not only better but without compromise".
Chris Larocque, CFO, Filetrek Inc.

Below are more comments collected through an independent survey on FINALTA CAPITAL:

« Why FINALTA CAPITAL? Because over and above its competitive advantages, you also get low rates and save a fortune in legal and admin fees. »
« FINALTA CAPITAL’s people are serious professionals. Courtesy and effectiveness are the hallmarks of every exchange. »
« It’s easy to talk to the FINALTA team. We particularly appreciated their quick decision-making process. »
« The FINALTA CAPITAL team’s in-depth understanding of tax credits gives them unprecedented flexibility. »


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