Get your innovations to market faster with pre-financing for your expenditures and 50% more liquidity.

The typical financial profile of a FINALTA CAPITAL customer:

  • Revenues of over $1 million
  • Positive EBITDA
  • Tax credits for SR&ED, e-business (CDAE, OIDMTC), Multimedia, etc. and government grants
  • From $250,000 to $10 million in annual tax credit claims or grant applications

The major tax incentives funded in Canada include:

  • SR&ED – Scientific Research and Experimental Development
  • CDAE – Tax credit for the development of e-business
  • OIDMTC – Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
  • PTM – Production of multimedia titles
  • OCASE – Ontario Computer Animation & Special Effects Tax Credit
  • Investment tax credit
  • Tax credit for the design of factory-made products — industrial design component
  • SDTC – Sustainable Development Technology Canada
  • Transport Electrification Action Plan
  • Various other refundable tax credits and federal/provincial grants

FINALTA CAPITAL’s financing percentages:

  • SR&ED: 75% to 85%, up to 100%
  • E-business/multimedia: 85% to 95%, up to 100%
  • Grants: 75% to 85%, up to 100%

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