When compared with the financing offer of other Canadian financial or government institutions, FINALTA CAPITAL accelerates disbursements which let you access about 50% more cash based on the same tax credits: a huge advantage that lets you sidestep the need for more expensive and dilutive additional financing.

With accelerated disbursements, FINALTA CAPITAL usually stays one or two quarterly payments ahead of other financial and government institutions, increasing your access to liquidity from 25% to 50% of the authorized loan amount.

In addition, FINALTA CAPITAL eliminates the 20% holdback of the authorized loan amount deducted by financial and government institutions until the filing of the tax credit claim is filed with tax authorities, for up to several months after the end of each fiscal year.

Combining this with disbursements accelerated by 25% to 50% of the authorized loan amount guarantees you permanent access to about 50% more cash based on the same tax credits.

It’s an unbeatable advantage that lets you invest the extra cash strategically, thus getting your technologies to market quicker and raising your company’s value.

In other words, given the same R&D program and the same business situation, but by choosing FINALTA CAPITAL over another financial or governmental institution, you can generate about 50% more liquidity at any point in time, using the same tax credits.

By maximizing the financing of your short-term assets, you can minimize or delay recourse to more costly or dilutive sources of capital such as subordinated debt and equity.

Some financial institutions may lower their interest rates to compete.

The difference in cost, which is often modest, is insufficient to offset the accelerated valuation your company will experience through access to approximately 50% more liquidity on a permanent basis.

And with FINALTA CAPITAL, these funds are available when you really need them.

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